To our friends in music:

We had always thought our band name “The Hootchies” did a good job of saying “good times ahead” . The Hoochie Coochi Man, old Blues, Tweed Amps, White Lightning etc… isn’t that what Rock n Roll is all about? But we're not just Rock n Roll. More on that in a bit… 

Some recent feedback forced us to re-evaluate the name of our band, and what our band is really all about. Some people were put off by the name, and decided not to hire us.  It was suggested that “The Hootchies” as a name didn’t do a good job of explaining the kind of band that we were. So the question of questions came up: What defines us musically?  We did some Soul searching.  


When you peel it back we are Roots, Rock, and R&B.  Northern guys with a taste for Southern sounds.  We are a return to the music of our heroes.  We take the songs that made us want to play, and restore them to an active state with our stamp on it.  


When you peel it back further we are….

Northern Fried Revival


Thanks for your support in the past, and looking forward to a great future with you all.



Northern Fried Revival deliver an entertaining mix of authentic musicianship and audience engagement. Make your guests feel like there is something “special” going on in the room by booking Northern Fried Revival today. Contact us at 617.416.8262 or to book one of New England’s most entertaining bands.

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May 26
Brewster Woodshed
Brewster, MA
Jun 9
The Beachcomber
Wellfleet, MA
Jul 4
Brewster Woodshed
Brewster, MA
Jul 8
Brewster Woodshed
Brewster, MA

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